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Post Mortem

Webcomic, 2019-Present


In this ongoing web series follow the misadventures of Jody, a deceased postal worker stuck in an eternal postal route across the nightmarish wilds of Hell. With help from Felicia, a demonic resident of the bustling Mortem City, Jody will embark on a journey to deliver a mysterious package to the dangerous out-land wastes and hopefully come back in one relativity unharmed immortal piece.


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Legends of Keith

Webcomic, 2019


The first pages of the story so far, opening on Jody in the Mortem City Post Depot where she first encounters, and attempts to dispose of, the Mysterious Parcel.

Tortoise in the Shell, 2018

A Breadbox Collective comic 

Exploring the dangers of bus travel and finding ones inner harmony.

STAN, 2018

A Breadbox Collective comic 

The complex story of a shark named Stan.