Post Mortem

Webcomic, 2019-ongoing

Everyone dies. Everyone goes to Hell. Everyone does their day job. Forever.

In this ongoing web series follow the misadventures of Jody, a deceased postal worker stuck in an eternal postal route across the nightmarish wilds of Hell. With help from Felicia, a demonic resident of the bustling Mortem City, Jody will embark on a journey to deliver a mysterious package to the dangerous out-land wastes and hopefully come back in one relativity unharmed immortal piece.

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Post Mortem Cover 

The cover for the first instalment of the series, depicting the Jody the postie and Felica the Demon.

Post Mortem Pages


The first pages of the story so far, opening on Jody in the Mortem City Post Depot where she first encounters, and attempts to dispose of, the Mysterious Parcel.


The Postie

A socially awkward and perpetually uncomfortable individual, whose life on earth has long since expired. Jody now finds themselve serving out their eternal sentence in Hell delivering Satanic Mail across Mortem City. 


The Demon 

A divisive Morti Demon with a penchant for chaos and Hellfire. She takes much enjoyment out of watching Jody struggle, it's her way of showing that she cares.

High-street to Hell

A panorama giving a glimpse into the city life of Hell in Post Mortem, complete with a few of the unpleasant Demons who call Mortem City home.

A Menagerie of Monsters

A strange assortment of beasties that inhabit the Hell of Post Mortem. From chefs to book-lovers, to tyrannical rulers of the land, the residents of Mortem City are a diverse bunch.

© 2019 by Heather Charters.

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